General parameters for U


Format: ’PU=’,4(F5.2,1X),F6.0,1X,I1,1X,I1

Example: PU= 0.02 0.20 0.01 2.00 600. 0 0


  • DUMin and DUMax are the minimum and maximum variation, respectively of the U command between T and T+DTU (where DTU is the regulation time step).
  • UMin is the minimum value (and Umax the maximum) of the U command (expressed in absolute value whatever the mode is: R, I or A defined below).

Remark: Even in the case of a U in discharge mode Q (except in the case IFU2=4 for a pump) the above DUMin, DUMax, UMin and Umax values are applied to the calculated gate opening.

  • DTU is the command time step. If DTU=0, the command time step will be taken equal to the simulation time step DT. You can enter different DTU for each U inside a regulation module, but so far we just use the last one for the entire regulation module.
  • Flags IFU1 and IFU2 are useful only in mode orders in flow (B=Q below). They make it possible in this case to choose the way in which the flow Q given by the module of regulation will be translated into opening W applied to the device:
  • IFU1 = Flag mode 1 for U
  • 0: normal, i.e. action at each DTU,
  • 1: action at each DT calculation in mode Q
  • IFU2 = Flag mode 2 for U
  • 0: normal,
  • 1: method of the characteristics in mode Q for DZ1 and DZ2,
  • 2: method of the characteristics in mode Q for DZ2 alone,
  • 3: method of the characteristics in mode Q for DZ1 alone,
  • 4: pump mode i.e. no conversion into gate opening).

In the case of the use of the modes with correction by the method of the characteristics, the correction is carried out with the formula:

  •  dz_{1}=\frac{dQ}{L(V-C)}
  •  dz_{2}=\frac{dQ}{L(V+C)}

These parameters are valid until changed.