Advanced settings of results tables

At the bottom of the results window for objects of the same type or the results of time serie window for a selected object, the button "Advanced Settings" allows to change the data format, in particular, one can choose to:

  • Convert discharges in different units: m3/s (ISU), Ml/d (Australia), cfs (USA).
  • Select the number of decimal places used for the display.

In this window you can also choose not to display some columns and display additional data derived from existing data.

For sections, we will be able to calculate:

  • Water depth and free-board;
  • Discharge and hydraulic surface of the minor bed in the case of a minor-medium bed;
  • The speed of wave (c) and V+c and V-c
  • The lateral discharge;
  • The Manning of minor and medium beds.

In the case of displaying the list of an object type on several time steps, it is possible to display the minimum and maximum for each variable over time and elapsed volume. For all the volumes calculated, the window offers to define the begin time and end time to be used for the calculation.

For the offtakes additional indicators are available:

  • The volume requested calculated from the integration of reference discharge at offtakes;
  • The effective volume (the lower and excess tolerance compared to the requested discharge can be parametrized in this same window);
  • Different ratios: supplied / requested, efficient / requested, effective / supplied;
  • The time index.

The method of calculating volumic indexes and the time index are described in the theoretical documentation.