Performance indicators

Some performance indicators have been inserted with the aim of evaluating the efficiency of the discharge delivered at offtakes. They permit an integration of discharge information at offtakes, either for an unique offtake, or for all offtakes. There are two indicator types: volume indicators and time indicators.

The definition of these indicators is detailed in the theoretical guide. Volume indicators refer to 3 types of volumes:

- asked volume (VD), which is the targeted volume at offtakes,

- provided volume (VS) which is the real volume supplied at offtakes,
- effective volume (VEF) which is the real usable part of the provided volume.

The following colours are used to display the indicators (in RESIR):
- green, if the value is between 1 and 1.,5
- light green, if the value is superior to 1.5

- red, if the value is between 0.5 and 1
- light red, if the value is lower than 0.5

Remark: The validity of these indicators is poor when the storage of data on the result file is not done at each time step, because some discharge values will be missing (Cf. "Time parameters").