Network inconsistencies management

When saving the network before running the mesh generator TALWEG, the application performs consistency checks on the network. The errors are of two distinct levels:

  • Warning: the inconsistencies found does not prevent the mesh generator and the simulation from running, but the network entered does not match the requirements for using the software in good conditions.
  • Error: the inconsistencies found prevents the generation of a mesh by TALWEG.

A click in the "Correction" column opens the window where the error can be fixed.

Main errors

Here are the most frequent error messages :

  • Locations should be monotonic within the reach.
  • The space step cannot be nil (otherwise a default value 100 m will be chosen).
  • Major Section offset must be between min and max offset of Minor or Minor/Medium Sections.
  • Distance of first Major Section (in order of increasing offsets) must be null.
  • At least two Major Sections.
  • Major bed should hold at least two Major Sections with distinct offsets.
  • Distance of last Major Section (in order of increasing offsets) can’t be null, or another Major Section should follow with a distance >0.
  • Beginning and end abscissas of the reach are similar. Length of Reach can’t be null.
  • There is at least one loop in the network.
  • Network is splitted.
  • There is a loop in the branch.
  • Branch is splitted or is not linear.
  • Pond elevations at Node must be monotonic.