Meteorological parameters

Meteorological parameters are entered by clicking on the button or through Tools > meteorological parameters :

In this windiw, the user can type in the following parameters :

  • Air Temperature
  • Air moisture (between 0 et 1)
  • Albedo (between 0 et 1)
  • Radiation (W.m-2)
  • Wind velocity (m.s-1)

All these parameter can vary with time.

Mask coefficients

The presence of tunnels or shade is raken into account through a mask coefficient between 0 and 1, accessible by clickink on the "Mask coefficient" button at the bottom of the Meteorological parameters window.

The user can then define these mask coefficient the same way as Strickler coefficients or infiltration data.

The mask coefficient is a constant, and shade varying with the angle of the sun during the day is not yet possible.