Installing the USB dongle

If your license of SIC uses a USB dongle, you must install on your computer drivers and services to access these dongles. This installation is performed by the program setup_ithea.exe.

At first use, SIC automatically offers to install the service dongle Ithea, since it detects it is not already installed on the computer. To manually install the service USB dongle, you have to launch the program setup_ithea.exe. This program is present in the exe subdirectory of your installation of SIC.

Caution! The dongle driver installation must be performed before connecting the USB dongle to the computer! Otherwise, Microsoft Windows installs a default driver that prevents proper installation of Ithea driver. One will, in this case, manually remove the driver in the system settings of the computer.

During installation, three types of facilities are proposed:

The type of installation is not fixed and can be changed without having to redo the installation (see advanced settings of the USB dongle).

Utilisation monoposte (Single use)

Use it if you want to connect the USB key directly on your computer. In this case, click once on the next, and the installation is complete. If you run SIC under a Wine session in a Linux computer this local connection will not work properly. You have to use the license server option described here after.

Serveur de licences (License server)

If you want to connect the USB key directly to the computer and you want that other computers on the same network can use this key. To install a license server, select the option and click Next, the installation is complete. A USB key is configured with a given number of tokens, specified in your contract. You can also access this server using a remote connection, for example through VPN.

Client réseau (Network client)

Use it if you use a key attached to another computer on the network. If you run SIC under a Wine session in a Linux computer the remote license server will also be available. To do this, select the option and then click Next. A configuration window appears:

Emplacement du serveur prédéfini (Predefined location server) - Recommended Option

  • If you choose this option, you must enter in “Nom ou Adresse IP du serveur”, the name or IP address of the license server.

Mode Automatique (Automatic mode) - Not recommended

  • This mode allows you to search directly the computer station configured license server on the network. However, depending on the type of network access keys can be slowed or even not work.

Further information

  • Once SIC is installed, additional information is available on this key, the drivers and their settings, in the file Actikey.pdf and Ithea-os_en.pdf under SIC/DOC. In particular, the setting of the Windows firewall is discussed, in order to solve possible problems of blocking the port 1331 used by this key. You have indeed to allow this port in incoming connections.