Installation procedure

All necessary files to install and start the SIC software are contained on a CD ROM, a USB key or can be downloaded on the CARANI web server (protected by a login and password). SIC software is installed from an exe file. To install the SIC model on the hard disk you must run this exe file.

- run this exe file (named sic???.exe where ??? contains the name and number of the version: example siccemagref410.exe)

- follow the instructions and answer the questions of this installation utility (in French or English).
- the Setup wizard creates a " SIC " program group and the necessary icons.

With Windows Vista and above, you must ensure that the user will have write permissions in the SIC installation folder. Software configuration is defined in ini files located in the “exe” subfolder of the installation. These files will need to be modified by the program.

Whatever language you choose for the installation procedure, the SIC software libraries will be installed and therefore available in French, English and Spanish. To shift from one language to another one you must go into the "Options" menu.

To install the USB protection key, depending on the type of key: