Devices available in SIC

The devices can be defined in cross-structures at a singular section or in 1st or 2nd level of device structure in an offtake.

In a structure, several devices can be set in parallel.

Several type of devices can be combined in a same structure. For each of them, SIC proposes a choice of discharge equations (see below):

  • Rectangular sill (CEM 88 (D), FreeFlow, CUN 80, CEM 88 (V));
  • Rectangular gate(CEM 88 (V), Submerged, CUN 80, CEM 88 (D));
  • Circular gate (CEM 88 (V), Submerged, CUN 80, CEM 88 (D));
  • GEC-Alsthom auto-regulated gates: AMIL, AVIO-AVIS et MIXTES (GOU 93, CEM 02 (V));
  • Trapezoidal sill (CEM 02 (V), CEM 02 (D));
  • Trapezoidal gate (CEM 02 (V), CEM 02 (D));
  • Pipe
  • APM