Advanced settings of the USB dongle

Ithea provides a utility to change the configuration of the USB dongle service. It is available on C:\Program Files\ithea\instsvc.exe and must be run as administrator.

Setting the key server

To use the computer as a network server, you must check "Actif" in the box "Serveur" at the top right of the window.

The default listening port of the server is 1331. This field is to change if you have another application that may be using the same port.

The proper functioning of the server can be checked using the command netstat -an. The 1331 port is LISTENING should appear in the active connections:

Connexions actives
 Proto  Adresse locale         Adresse distante       État
  TCP               LISTENING

If this line does not appear, check that the port is open for incoming connections in the firewall settings of the computer.

Setting the network client

If the dongle is on a server, it is necessary to specify the IP address of the server. In the "Client" part, you must check "Actif" in the box "Mode Registry" and then enter the IP address and port of the server key in the window accessible from the button "Edition":

If the dongle server is likely to change, it is possible to enter multiple addresses.