The results tables

Simulation results are presented in the form of tables on which multiple actions are available.

Export data

Export the table displayed to an Excel 2003 file is done with the button . The button allows to copy the contents of the table into the clipboard and then, it can be pasted into a spreadsheet or text editor.

Data sorting

By clicking on any column header, you can sort them in ascending or descending order.

Display graphics

At the bottom of the window, a combo "Display graph" is available to display graphics for the different variables in the columns of the table.

Example for a flow time serie to a section:

In the case of display results for objects of the same type for one time step, the minimum and maximum encountered during simulation appear respectively in light and dark green lines on the graph.

Example for discharge at Intakes:

Other possible actions

The windows of the results tables are also provided with a button "Advanced Settings" that lets you change the display format and delete columns or add new columns containing data computed from the existing results.

For tables of Sections, color code is used to represent the overflow states.

Finally, help is available to know the meaning of status and error codes on different Network objects.