Chainage and bottom elevation modification

In this part, several operations are available:

Adjust chainage to the network map

The chainage of existing sections will be adjusted considering the begin and end chainage defined here and proportionally to their position on the network graph. This functionality is useful to roughly define the sections chainage (even more the nodes) of a network drawn from a plan or a background map.

Scaling of the longitudinal abscissas

Allow to modify on the fly sections abcissas with keeping the network proportions.

Define constant slope bottom elevation

This tool allows to define a constant slope from the elevation of the Upstream Section, the elevation of the Downstream Section of the selected portion and/or the slope.

Shift the Sections Elevations

Allow to raise or to pull down the whole selected network with a chosen height.

Change the Interpolation step for the Sections in the Reach

Allow to modify the Calculation Sections Interpolation Step for several reaches.