The three modes: geometry, hydraulic and result

The EdiSic interface operates in three successive modes:

Navigation between these different modes is facilitated by the window "Project Explorer".

Editing Geometry

In this mode, the user can :

  • import a .TAL file of older versions of SIC,
  • modify a network
  • or enter a new network.

Entering the network allows to define:

Before moving to hydraulic mode, the application will propose:

Editing hydraulic data

EdiSic allows to enter several hydraulic scenarios for one geometry.

In this mode, the user will define the following data:

After verifying the completeness and consistency of data entered, the interface allows the launch of a hydraulic simulation in steady flow (FLUVIA).

If the simulation was successful, it is then possible to import water line obtained in steady flow in a new scenario to start a hydraulic unsteady flow simulation (SIRENE).

View results

As its name implies, this mode allows you to view the results generated by a hydraulic simulation in steady flow or unsteady flow. Results are represented as data tables and graphs.