The project concept and the XML data file

An XML data file contains one project.

A project consists of:

  • A network also called geometry (Definition of nodes, reaches and sections)
  • One or more hydraulic scenarios (Definition of offtakes, cross structures, infiltration and Stricklers)
  • One or more regulation modules

Each hydraulic scenario may include:

  • One or more variants (Change management data from the data of the scenario)
  • A quality module

Each scenario, a variant of scenario or quality module of a scenario may include a simulation result.

Network Properties

The project name is defined in the "Network Name" field situed in the "Network Properties" window.

We can define an homothety factor in Y and Z for cross profiles of a network. These homothety factors may also be defined reach by reach and section by section. This can be useful for recalibration of such networks.

A global space step can be defined here. It will be applied to all reaches of the network, except if this space step is redefined (different from 0) at the reach and/or section level.

This window also provides access to network statistics (number of nodes, sections and reaches) that check if it is within the operating limits of the SIC license. We advise to refer to the theorical manual to check the definition of these concepts which are different for each software.