The AVIS - AVIO method

PS= 60.00 .10 2.00 1.50 0.03 0.8

- ALFMAX is the maximum opening angle of the gate measured compared to the closed position,

- d is the decrement (equal to R/20 for AVIS and AVIO, where R is the gate radius, Cf. Documentation of the constructor),
- R is the gate radius,

- HA is the level of the gate rotation axis measured from the bottom.
- STEP is the height of the step (if any) through the gate between the upstream and the downstream cross sections. It is positive if the bed elevation is lower at the downstream section. The unit used is (m).

- FILTER is the coefficient of the first order filter used to damp the fluctuations of the controlled water level. It should be in the range [0 .. 1]. The filter is stronger for higher coefficients. This filter is usually compulsory to get a stable gate.

Coupe vanne AVIS

An example of regulation file (.REG) for the AVIS gate is given bellow. The calculation routine for the AVIS and AVIO gates is given in the following section.

* Controlleur 1

* DUMin DUMax UMin UMax DT (’PU’,1X,4(F5.2,1X),F6.0)
PU= 0.00 0.50 0.00 2.00 0
U=AWS(X, 2415.0, 3)
Y=TYS(R, +0, +1)
* ALFMAX d R HA STEP FILTER (5(F8.2,1X),F8.2)
PS= 60.00 .10 2.00 1.50 0.03 0.8