Specifications of the different licenses of SIC software

There are several licenses for SIC software :

  • Professional version
  • Research and Educational version

The only technical difference between the Professional version and the Research and Educational version is the maximum size of the systems that can be modeled. Otherwise all options are available in both versions. The Professional version package also includes 3 day training for the user.

Since most of the calculation programs are in FORTRAN without automatic memory allocation there are still some limitations in the Professional version. But we can extend them as much as you want. We can model any system in the world, from the small scale model of the SupAgro engineering school in Montpellier, France, to the Amazone River in Brazil, Congo River or the Narmada canal in India. For your information the default limitations are:

Limitation on Professional version Research and Educational version
number of branches (in case you have confluences, diversions, loops) IBR 75 5
number of reaches (a reach is a portion of the canal or river between 2 offtakes, inflows or outflows) IB 350 20
number of data cross sections (cross sections where you describe the geometry of the sections) NSD 5000 200
number of calculation cross sections (cross sections where hydraulic values will be calculated ; they can be data sections you enter or additional automatically interpolated sections depending on the space step you specified for each reach) NSC 20000 250
number of singular sections (where there is one or several weir, gate, Gec Alsthom gate, pump, etc.) NSS 200 10
number of cross devices (weir, gate, Gec Alsthom gate, pump, etc.) NTO 500 10
number of regulation modules (an algorithm that can move one or several control variables using one or several measured values, in order to control one or several controlled variables) NBCM 100 20
number of control variables NBUM 100 50
number of controlled variables NBYM 100 50
number of measured variables NBZM 500 500
number sediment classes (for the sediment transport module) NCL/NCLG 6/11 6/11