Specific Parameters

The specific parameters of the control method depends on the method chosen. They are entered in the "Specific parameters" tab of the regulation edition window.

Definition of specific parameters by text file

It is possible to override these settings in the project using a text file . This is especially useful when you need to redefine parameters of regulation modules on the fly in case of using SIC² in batch mode.

To do this, create a file named REGPS{n}.TXT in the same directory as the XML project file with {n} the number of the controller for which you wish to overwrite specific parameters. This file contains one or more lines starting with "PS=" and supplemented by parameters. The format of the parameters of PS lines is defined in the documentation for each controller.

Example for a PID controller

The control module used for the simulation contains a PID controller. We can redefine the specific parameters of this controller by creating a file named REGPS1.TXT in the same folder as the XML project file and this file will contain the following line:

PS=    8.01  8036.75     0.00     0.00     0.00

This corresponds to a PI controller with coefficients respectively 8.01 and 8036.75 for the proportional and integral parameters.