Sections, branches and longitudinal profiles display.

Sections display

Section display on the graph is entirely customizable. In the "Display" menu, it is possible to choose whether to display sections and singular sections. In the same menu, "Section Display Settings" allows for fine adjustments on the appearance and the type of section to display.

Branches display

This display option is available through the Tools > Display Branches menu.

Branches, contiguous set of reaches without diffluence or confluence, are handled automatically by the application and there should be no reason to modify them. However, it is possible to assign one or more reaches to a branch right-clicking the reach and selecting "Change branch> ..." from the popup menu.

Longitudinal profile display

This option which can be very useful for checking the consistency of the network topography displays the bottom elevation of a portion of reach of the network.

Once the reaches are selected, this option is available by clicking the Tools > Longitudinal profile menu or the button.