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Language : The interface is translated in L’interface in French, English and Spanish. Portions of the software may not yet fully translated into English and Spanish, they then appear in French.

Automatic backup

  • The button "Activated" can enable or disable the automatic backup of the file being input.

Retrieve an automatic backup

After a software crash, EdiSic proposes to recover the last backup file automatically. If the user agrees to open the recovered file, the software creates a subdirectory ’Sauv’ in the file location and copy both file versions with the following names:

  • FileName_Récupéré.xml: copy of the file recorded by the automatic backup and that has been recovered.
  • FileName_Original.xml: copy the original file and that is the last recording made ​​voluntarily by the user.


  • "High quality graphics mode": Improves the display of the network on the screen. Disable this option if the display of the network is too slow or choppy.
  • "Icon for parametrized variables": Enables the display of the button "variable set" on the fields where this option is available.

Limiting the number of points in a profile for recording

When importing or entering profiles with more points than the limit set here, the software will automatically remove the necessary number of points by minimizing the information loss (minimizing height between the point and removed the segment connecting the previous paragraph with the following point). When saving the corresponding file, the removed points will be indicated in a trace window.

  • "Activated": to control the registration of a geometry that the number of points of cross sections does not exceed the number defined below.
  • "Max number of points": The default limit is 24 points and corresponds to the current limit of the mesh Talweg. Profile greater than 24 points will cause an error in the meshing program (Talweg).

Link version of DDE Matlab or Scilab

Tle Matlab and/or Scilab DDE links are not compatible with each other, and use dll libraries that have the same names but are not compatible. This is why we offer various versions of Fluvia and Sirene generated with various versions of the DDE link for Matlab or Scilab. You must choose the one that suits you, depending on the version that is installed on your computer. If you have multiple versions installed, it will probably even be necessary to disable versions you do not want to use, to avoid conflicts. It is not necessary to uninstall these versions, a simple temporary renaming of the directory where is located this version or these versions will be sufficient.