Installing parallel dongle

This notice applies to you only if your license includes the SIC dongle that plugs into the parallel port of the computer. To use a USB dongle refer to the relevant documentation.

If SIC is installed on a computer run under Windows NT, 2000 or XP, you have to install the driver provided at the FAQ web page of the CANARI web server. You can download there a "Drivers.exe" file. By running the Drivers.exe file you will be able to copy the drivers files that you need depending on your computer (operating system). You can copy them in any permanent or temporary subdirectory:

This operation is just copying the drivers files, but not installing the drivers.

You must then install the drivers by running the install.exe file that you copied. The wizard for this lattest operation is in French only but you just have to decide to install (or des-install) and activate (or desactivate) the corresponding drivers.

If you want to use the dongle from a remote computer (on the local network) you must install a dongle server, also provided in the Drivers.exe file used above. In this case you can have one or several accesses to the dongle at the same time, depending on the configuration set by Cemagref in the dongle. By default, the dongles provided by Cemagref are configured to be only local dongles, but on special agreements such as for teaching for example we can configure remote dongles with several simultaneous connections.