Description of a node and a pond

There are several ways to enter the edit window of a node:

  • Right-click on a node in the tree or in the graph and choose "Description of XXX"
  • If the "Select" tool is enabled (click or press [Esc]), access is via a double-click on a node in the tree or in the graph

Display of upstream and downstream reaches and definition of a pond

In the "General" tab, there is a reminder of the topology with a list of the upstream and downstream reaches connected to the node as well as a table allowing the edition of a pond at the node by entering a series of elevation/surface values.

Note: In previous versions of SIC (version 4.32 and before) the edition of a pond was located in EDISIR, meaning just used in the unsteady flow calculation module.


As well as sections, nodes can be associated with a picture by clicking the image in the "Picture" tab.
For more information on picture management, see the dedicated page.


The geolocation of the node (latitude and longitude) can be defined in this window (third tab). This information can then be useful to display the network according to these geolocations (using the automatic definition option), and also used in the import & export of cross section data. This geolocation can be given in decimal degrees or in metric units depending on the chosen option.