Creating a network (nodes and reaches)

The hydraulic network in SIC consists of nodes and reaches. Each node can be connected to one or more reaches and each reach is necessarily located between two nodes.

Nodes will be located at each location:

  • We define a boundary condition (entry or exit point of flow, definition of a fixed water elevation or a relationship between water elevation and flow);
  • We want to define a local head loss.

The creation of nodes and reaches is done using the following tools:

  • Tools Menu> Create node or button in the toolbar
  • Tools Menu > Create reach or button in the toolbar

To draw a continuous network, it is possible to draw at once the nodes and reaches connected by checking the option "Automatic creation of the reaches" of the Options menu.

The order of creation of the network is important! It must be drawn from upstream to downstream in the direction in which the flow will go in steady flow simulation. If the automatic creation of reaches is enabled, nodes must be created in this order and the creation of reach must be done by connecting the upstream node to downstream node in that order.