The DSS method

The DSS method is a method for testing any LTI (linear time invariant) controller given by the matrices of its representation in the state space. These matrices (A, B, C and D) are provided in a .Mat file in MatLab format. This method therefore makes it possible to test controllers of the Hinfini, H2, l1, etc. type.

For the DSS method, one reads a parameter in the format (F8.2) :
* N
PS= 1.

  • N=0 for the classical method on Z (U=CX+DZ, X+=AX+BZ)
  • N=1 for the shifted method on Z (X+=AX+BZ, U=CX+DZ)
  • N=2 for the classical method on Y-YT (U=CX+D(Y-YT), X+=AX+B(Y-YT))
  • N=3 for the shifted method on Y-YT (X+=AX+B(Y-YT), U=CX+D(Y-YT))

The file name is arbitrary because it is selected in the .mat files list
The names of the matrices must be A, B, C, and D and must be in this order in the .mat file

The file has therefore to be created by a command:

save Gains.mat A;
save Gains.mat B -APPEND;
save Gains.mat C -APPEND;
save Gains.mat D -APPEND;

At the output of reading, we have:

PARA(1)=NX (Number of states)
PARA(2)=NU (Number of control variables)
PARA(3)=NZ (Number of measured variables)