The DIGEST method

The DIGEST method is a method that simulates the DSA digester on the Gignac canal. This method can for example be used by a Sirene instance while another instance is working with the SCADA module. The Digester module is a module retrieving data measured on the hydraulic system studied, and writes them in a Data.txt file. It waits in return for a Csg.txt file in which there are instructions to apply to mobile devices. Once this file read it is destroyed, to wait for the next one.

In order to avoid writing problems in the Data.txt file, knowing that a program may be waiting for it to compute a command and then destroy it, an intermediate Data0.txt file is first generated, then once completed and closed is renamed to Data.txt.

This method is managed by the editor of Edisic’s control modules.

The first parameter to provide is the time (in s) between each generation of data.txt files. If we put a time lower than the time used in the instance of Sirene with the SCADA module, we will have an acceleration compared to the real time. This avoids spending too much time in front of the computer while having the same results (at least as long as the algorithms do not use the real time variable).

The second parameter is the full name of the REGULATOR subdirectory that will be used with its subdirectory structure described in additional documentation. Before version 5.38c7 this name was necessarily C:\REGULATEUR. Since version 5.38c7 it is possible to change this name.