The BOSCIL method

The BOSCIL method is a method for imposing U command changes from a Scilab binary file. These changes are indicated according to the time at which they are desired. So these are Open Loop modifications.

Create a command matrix with Scilab

The matrix produced in Scilab must contain the times of application of the command in the first line and the value of the various commands U in the following lines.

Example to create two commands U which take values 5, 10, 5 and 4, 2, 4 to 0, 1 and 2 hours respectively:

  1. U=[0, 3600, 7200 ; 5, 10, 5; 4, 2, 4]

The name of the variable does not matter. This must be saved in a file named BOSCILAB.DAT located in the same folder as the project XML file using the command:

  1. save("Directory of the XML project/BOSCILAB.DAT",U)

Configuring the BOSCIL module in SIC

To configure a BOSCIL module in SIC, you must:

  • Select the BOSCIL module in the editing window of the regulation modules
  • Define a number of control variables U corresponding to that of the matrix created under Scilab
  • Define the specific parameters of the BOSCIL method

Specific parameters of the BOSCIL module

The specific parameters are the same as those of the BOMAT method:

  • Scaling factor (multiplicative factor, or even called homothety)
  • Ramp or Step mode
  • Write or not the data of the matrix read on the file Nom_Sirene.lst

Scaling Parameter

It is a multiplier that will be applied to the values present in the matrix before the command is applied.

Interpolation method

The two available interpolation methods are the same as those of the time laws.

Write to LST file

The data read on the BOSCILAB.DAT matrix in Scilab format can be written to the file Name_Sirene.lst, to check if it is read correctly.


You can only have one module of this type (BOSCIL) for a simulation.

The version of Fluvia and/or Sirene used is not required to contain the DDE Scilab link. Before version 5.36c included, however, a version compiled with the Fortran Intel compiler was required (in the Matlab or Scilab DDE link options, the compiler used is indicated for the corresponding version). Starting with version 5.36d this option is available for all versions of Fluvia and Sirene, compiled with Fortran compilers Intel or Digital, with or without DDE link Matlab and/or Scilab.