Running a steady state calculation (FLUVIA)

For a steady state simulation, the minimum required information are:

The upstream-downstream direction of flow in steady state was defined when entering the network topology. If reaches are in the wrong direction, we must return to the geometry mode, click on the reaches to reverse and choose the right-click of the mouse "Reverse reach." Then you have to run again the mesh (Talweg) before returning to hydraulic mode.

If these three items of information are entered, it is possible to realize a first calculation in steady state. Then the user can complexify its system by describing:

  • Cross-structures located on the singular sections,
  • Offtakes at intermediate nodes that may be flow boundary conditions (negative or positive flow) or devices.

To run a steady simulation from editing a scenario, just click on the . This can also be done from the project explorer by selecting the line of the script and clicking on the button " Calculation steady". Before the calculation, the software offers to save the changes and performs tests of consistency, including the direction of flows in reaches to ensure that the simulator has the necessary data to calculate.

During its execution the steady state solver (FLUVIA) will:

  • Calculate the water line and record the results requested in calculation parameters> Writing Results,
  • Screen display warnings and ongoing miscalculations,
  • Write a log file, named [Name Of Xml Project File]_FLUVIA_[Scenario number]_[Variant number].log where you will find details of errors encountered.