Management of variables (synthetic visualization)

To access the window summarizing all adjustable hydraulic variables for scenarios and variants:

  • From the Project Explorer, select a scenario or variant and click the button " Management of variables".
  • From the hydraulic mode of editing a script, go to the Tools menu> Management of variables or click on the .

The window provides a table with the list of all the modifiable variables. These variables correspond to all editable items as part of a scenario and a variant (see Scenario and variants : instructions for a description of these variables).

To edit a variable, select the corresponding line in the table and make the change in the field provided for this purpose at the bottom of the window.

Entering variant data

To change the data of the variants, one can:

  • Open the "Management of variables" from the project explorer, having previously selected a variant.
  • Choose a variant in the "Variant" drop-down list in the window "Management of variables"

The data of the selected variant appear in a second column adjacent to the scenario data.

To enter a variant data, select the relevant data and enter this data using the dedicated field at the bottom of the window. Warning: the first field changes the given scenario, the second that of the variant.

If a variant data has been entered, you can delete it by clicking the button "Delete variant".