Longitudinal profiles of water elevation and discharge

The display of longitudinal profiles is done using the buttons or from the Tools > Discharges or Tools > Elevations menus. Before the selection of the tool or during its use, one should select the desired part of the network to display. A graphic is then shown at the bottom of the main window with the desired profil.

In case of diffluence or confluence that is part of the selection, a window opens with the list of the available upstream-downstream paths of the water. The selection of a path displays this path in red color on the network graph and the corresponding longitudinal profil.

In case of an unsteady flow or succession of steady flows simulations, discharges and elevations for different time steps are available through the tools located in the bottom of the profil window.

For example, the discharges profil allows to locate the intake or outake points:

Water elevation profils allow to locate zones of singular headlosses and overflows: