How to use the tools of automatic canal modeling

The tools of automatic canal modeling allow to define in some mouse clicks the parameters of a network part (nodes, reaches, sections, abscissas, slopes, profiles, parameters).

For using them, one should have drown some reaches on the graph (for example, from a map, and then select the part on which work and last, click on "Automatic building". The complete network can be selected with Ctrl+A. If several possibilities of linear series of reaches do exist in the selection, they will be suggested for selection with the additional indication of its total length. It will then still be possible to change the upstream and downstream reach, and then the upstream and downstream sections within theses reaches. The actions will then be applied on this selection.

It will be possible for most actions (indicated in the help note bullet over the corresponding action button) to propagate these actions on the complete network, by clicking on Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click keys when clicking on the action button.

Several tools are available through the tabs: