The ALGEQUEAU module adds quality simulation capabilities to FLUVIA and SIRENE. It was first developed to medel algal development in irrigation networks.

An hydraulic scenario may not contain more than one ALGEQUEAU module, but hydraulic data used for quality simulation can come from any variant of this scenario.

The first step when building a quality simulation is to define the quality classes, which may be :

  • a temperature (°C) ;
  • a nutrient concentration (mg/L) ;
  • a concentration of drift algae (kg/m3) ;
  • a linear density of fixed algae (kg/m)
  • a sediment concentration in water (g/m3) ;
  • a linear density of sediment in the bed (m3/m).

Their evolution is ruled by transport and exchanges, following exchange laws depending on hydraulic and quality parameters.

For now, the module can :

  • transport temperature, nutrient, drift algae and sediments along the stream, following the transport equation ;
  • calculate at a section the exchanges between classes ;
  • calculate at a node the downstream repartition of transported classes.